An envelope lands on their doorstep.
Inside is a letter from someone they know, but not who.

There’s a message for them,
but for it to be revealed they’ll have to solve the puzzles within.
They’ll have to solve…The Enigmagram!

Send an experience they won’t forget
and put their wits & imagination to the test.

What Is The Enigmagram?

There are 4 simple steps:


1) Create your message

Upload picture, video and/or text. (Cost is £13.99 + FREE UK delivery)


2) We send it out

They’ll get an anonymous letter & 11 puzzles


3) They solve it

Takes 20min-2hrs.  If they get stuck they can access clues & the answers. 


4) They see your message

The answer to each puzzle is a number. Together they make a passcode, which is used to access your message from an online location. 

Isolating Birthday Puzzle!

Rated 5 out of 5

My family and I were completely blown away with this wonderful puzzle experience.
The packaging, puzzles and quality were top notch!
We ordered last minute as a birthday gift for my self isolating 15 year old son. He loved it, in fact we all did! We needed a clue on puzzle 11 but otherwise worked it out between us.
Would highly recommend this to anyone who loves a bit of problem solving and team work.

Sara Penicud


Overall Rating

Rated 4.9 out of 5
4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 378 reviews)
Very good4%
How It Works
  • When purchasing an Enigmagram you’ll be asked to create the message the recipient will see after it’s solved. The Cost is £13.99 or £12.99 for the junior edition + FREE UK delivery.
  • The message can be a made up of a picture, video and text – and you can edit your message at any time, even after we’ve posted it.
  • You can also hide a present in the house and use the message to tell them where it is.
  • You can choose to send either the Original, 2nd or Junior Edition. Each has a different set of puzzles.
  • We’ll then send an envelope to the recipient. 
  • The envelope contains a letter that tells them someone they know has a message for them, but for it to be revealed they’ll first have to solve the puzzles within. 
  • Inside the envelope is also a pack of puzzles.  The answer to each puzzle is a number and together they make up a  passcode. 
  • The recipient can use this passcode to login to an online location where they’ll see your uploaded message.
  • If they get stuck they can access clues and the answers.
  • If you want to find out more please read our FAQs