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I want to send an Enigmagram

I’ve received an Enigmagram


An envelope lands on their doorstep.

Inside is a letter from someone

they know, but not who. 

There’s a message for them,

but for it to be revealed

they must solve the puzzles within.

They must solve…The Enigmagram.

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Transport someone out

of their everyday routine.

Put them centre stage

in a unique mystery.

Ignite their imagination

and challenge their wits.

How It Works

Pen Mark

1) Create a message

It can be a picture, video or text. 


2) We post it

They’ll receive an envelope containing an anonymous letter and a pack of puzzles.


3) They solve it

It takes 1-2 hours on average.  If they get stuck they can access clues & the answers. 


4) They see your message

The answer to each puzzle is a number. Together they make a passcode, which is used to access your message from an online location.

What Our Customers Say

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Overall Rating

Rated 4.9 out of 5
4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 380 reviews)
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Choose from four different editions

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£13.99 + FREE UK Delivery

Difficulty: 5/10

Time: 30m-2hrs

£13.99 + FREE UK Delivery

Difficulty: 6/10

Time: 1-3hr

£13.99 + FREE UK Delivery

Difficulty: 6/10

Time: 1-3hr

£12.99 + FREE UK Delivery

Difficulty: 3/10

Time: 30m-1hr

With an Enigmagram you get:

Pen Mark - long

A unique and fun gift, suitable even for the person who has everything!

Or post it to yourself for an evening’s entertainment with friends or family

Clues and answers are available, so it can always be completed

Change your message at anytime, even after we’ve posted it

Find out more info about how the Enigmagram works here

For more info about the different editions visit our product page