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I want to send an Enigmagram

I’ve received an Enigmagram

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Our Rating is 4.9/5


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1) Create your secret message

It can be a picture, video or text. Then choose what date and time you want us to send it to them. Cost is £12.99

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2) They’ll receive the invite

They’ll receive a text and/or email giving them instructions how to play. You can choose to keep it anonymous or include a note.

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3) They complete the challenge

They must beat a series of mini-games all played in the browser. No downloads required. You’ll receive email updates of their progress. It takes on average 1-2hr hours to complete.

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4) They see your message

Once completed, they will unlock your secret message. 


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Excellent Gift

Rated 5.0 out of 5

I bought the new Arcade edition for my husband’s birthday because he loves games and I knew he’d like the retro vibe. He was completely absorbed and loved the whole thing. A great gift and experience!

Rated 4.9 out of 5
4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 404 reviews)
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What You Get

Unique and fun gift, suitable even for the person who has everything

Choose the exact date and time they recieve it.  No more relying on the post!

Five awesome games for them to beat, each with multiple levels. On average 1-2hrs hours of fun

Multiple people can login at the same time to try their hand, so everyone can get involved

You’ll be sent emails confirming when 1) We’ve sent the email/text invite 2) They’ve started the games 3) They’ve completed it and seen your secret message 

You’ll always have access to a picture of the invite, which you can print and hand to them, or send them yourself

Edit your secret message at anytime up to when they see it

It should be played on a computer, so make sure they have one at hand


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  • First you’ll create the message they’ll see after they solve it. This can be a picture, text and video
  • You’ll choose what date and time you want us to send them the email/text invite. Or we can send you the invite to print or send them
  • You’ll have the option to add a note to the email/text
  • They use their unique code to start the game
  • Once all the games are completed they will click to view your secret message