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I want to send an Enigmagram

I’ve received an Enigmagram


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‘Face up’ to the puzzle and all will be revealed.

A property of the shapes is sequentially increasing by one.

Answer = 4

The answer is 4 because the first shape has 1 face, the second 2, the third 3, so the answer must be the shape with 4 faces, which is answer 4.

Make sure to count the balls you can’t see but are contained within the full stack.

The base of the stack contains 16 balls.

Answer = 30

The base is 16 balls.  The second row 9.  The third 4 and then 1 at the top. You might be tempted to think the base is a triangular shape made up of 10 balls, but the stack is too wide for that to be the case.

Add the number to K to make a type of animal.

It’s the number of lives cats have, the luckiest cloud and when you add it to K you get a dog.

A cat has 9 lives.  K9 is a dog.  Cloud 9 means a state of blissful happiness.

Don’t forget these ones!

Answer = 50 (trust me)

The answer is nothing to do with the answers from questions 1-4.

Closely examine all over the cards from puzzles 1-4 and you can piece together the number.

Answer = 3

PTO stands for Please Turn Over. If you turn the cards of puzzles 1-4 over and look a the back of each, you will be able to see a faint grey outline on each.  When the four cards are put together the reverse sides fit together like a jigsaw to make an outline of the number 3.

Look for what’s not been found, not what has been.

The word four is spelt down the middle out of the letters not covered by the word search.

It takes one staff member three minutes to serve one person

One staff member could serve ten people in thirty minutes

Answer = 3

It won’t be found on any man-made structure.

It’s hiding in the shadows

Answer = 2

There is a black number 2 in the shadows of the cave walls.

You may just find the answer right at your fingertips.

Where would you find these symbols?

Answer = 7

Each symbol represents the number on the keyboard key it shares.

Think outside the box.  Actually, think inside the box.

Are you looking at the right seal?

Answer = 4

The number 4 is written in the inside of the brown envelope.

F=L.  This can be deduced because in the word SDL’FF the only letter F can be is an L.  You may not be able to deduce the other letters with 100% certainty, but you can make intelligent guesses.

Answer = 5

The cryptogram reads: Look hard and you’ll see the number you need is two plus three

Think how many games Hilda must have won to be three pennies up from her original starting amount of 10.

Don’t forget to add together the number of games each won

The answer is 7. Hilda must have won 5 games to be three pennies up from her original amount of 10. Plus the two games Osbert won = 7 games in total.

It’s easier if you start from the centre rather than trying to work backwards!

Exit 3

…a deer, a female deer.

tink it trough

The answer is 9. ‘Doe’ plus ‘zen’ = dozen = 12. ‘Tree’+’H’=Three.  12-3=9.

Don’t just guess! Only fill in the shapes that can’t be anything else.

The squares with 9 can only be one shape.

The answer is 4. When you successfully complete the grid a 4 will emerge in the centre, made out of all the shapes one square thick.

Follow the tips on the back! Also, the card should be held landscape, not portrait.

The answer is 8. A 3D number 8 should appear in the picture.

Keep digging.

Scrape away the layers of meaning.

The answer is 2. The picture of the hippo is scratchable and underneath is a number 2. The material can be quite tough so make sure to scratch it with a coin!

One inmate was trying to climb over the fence.

Three inmates were trying to walk through the front gate

The answer is 5. Three were escaping through the front door, one over the fence and one under the fence.


There are two lemons. Make sure you’re not one of them.

The answer is 8. The clover = 5.  The cherry = 2. The bar = 3 (BODMAS is a common abbreviation used to tell the of operations. Multiplications [M] should be done before addition [A]. The lemon is 1.5 and the two lemons at the bottom total 3.


Before an ape eats a banana, it must first peel it.

The answer may not be hidden within puzzle 9, but somewhere else…

The answer is 3. If you peel off the yellow sticker on the black puzzle pack, there is a number 3 on the underside of it (on the sticker, not the puzzle pack).

Tis not 2 hard 4 U.

U B 2 wise to give up now.

The answer is 2. The answer to the first part is:

Too wise you are, too wise you be, I see you are too wise for me.

Then to decode write down the letter in each circle in this order 8-5-2-3-6-1-4-7. It will spell forty two. The number you need is the 2.

Start by folding in half both ways to make up four squares.

Now fold the four corners to the middle.

The answer is 5.  If you fold the four corners inwards, then fold them back out again half-way, it create the number 5.

One of the matches will need to be placed here

The answer is 2 (there are multiple ways to complete the puzzle. Above is one of them. The answer to all of them is 2).

Take a step back and look at the bigger picture

Consider what makes a cube a cube

The answer is 26 because you have to add 16 more cubes to one face to make it a 4×4 cube. Currently it is 3×4. Then you add 10 for the other missing blocks.

It is best to start with stations that only have one possible set of tracks

The answer is 4

  • Clue – I – Make sure you’re going in the right direction
  • Clue – II – These help make sense of time
  • Clue – III – This is a collection of very large objects
  • Clue – IV – These are likely the first sequence we learn
  • Clue – V – They give the world it’s vibrancy

  • Answer – I – West
  • Answer – II – May
  • Answer – III –Saturn
  • Answer – VI – Eight
  • Answer – V – Yellow
  • Final Answer: 9

This is the start of the correct route

The answer is 2

The phrase should spell: ‘Look up and take to the sky. But what if I fall? But what if you fly?’

After completing the equation the final answer is 8.

Don’t forget the bottom line

Follow the footsteps of Cat

The answer is 6. If you line up the bookmark with the bottom line, then trace Cat’s journey across the London sites, the words at the top of the bookmark pointing to the sites spell out ‘Ate take-away too’ = 8 – 2 = 6.

One Enigma is worth 24 Dirhams

One Enigma is worth 192 Rupees

It helps to shade out the squares of the grid you know can’t contain a ship

The ship 5 squares long can only be in one location

The answer is 3

Clue for riddle 1 – The Lord of the Riddles and Queen of the Sands is a mythical ancient creature found in Egypt.

Clue for riddle 2 – Only one part of the controls needs looking at. Make sure to look from the correct side and the correct angle. The answer will appear in quite small writing, so good eye sight may be required.

Clue for riddle 3 – You won’t need a shovel because you won’t be digging for buried treasure. You’ll need a pencil because you’ll be drawing.

Clue for riddle 4 – An asphalt jungle is another name for a city.

Clue for riddle 1 – The answer can be found on puzzle one

Clue for riddle 2 – The answer can be found on puzzle nine

Clue for riddle 3 – The answer can be found on puzzle five

Clue for riddle 4 – The answer can be found on puzzle seven

Answer for riddle 1 – If you look at the sphinx’s hands you can see a number 8

Answer for riddle 2 – If you look at the writing on the left hand side at a narrow angle it says ‘The number seven is the one you need’

Answer for riddle 3 – If you draw a line through all the x’s it create a number 4

Answer for riddle 4 – On the back of the postcard there is a letter 9 next to ‘Lake’ Street.

The final answer is 7, as 8+7+4+9=28 (28/4=7).

You can fill out all the squares on the edges as there is only one possible space for these.

The answer is ONE. When completed a picture emerges of a t-rex head, which links to the movie Jurassic Park.



Fold the paper using the hash symbols as your guide

Take the paintbrush, pop out the square, have a look around, nearly there.

A yellow splash will help you find the correct way the brush is aligned

If you align the hole in the paintbrush handle with the yellow circles on the canvas you can find the following letters spelt out: ONE.

  1. News clipping year – What year did World War 2 end?
  2. And rule – Remove ‘and rule’ and what are you left with?
  3. The big purple one – Don’t leave the answer on the shelf
  4. Newspaper – Say what you see
  5. Clock - What's the time? Time you learnt how to read a clock
  6. Switzerland – If you don’t know this one then it’s a red flag
  7. Hearts - Count the hearts
  8. Father anagram – Another word for Father
  9. Churchill – V is for victory. What else does it stand for?
  10. Crown – Find St George
  11. Cats – By cats I mean ‘Big Cats’
  12. Head north – It’s cold up there
  13. Crispy duck – I love a Chinese take away
  14. Football – Find the kit












Minus 10

Take away


= 9


Don’t throw away the puzzle pack…

Follow the rainbow

If you use the string from the puzzle pack to thread through the holes in the colour order on the word ENIGMA it will reveal the number 4

In this cryptogram each number represents a letter.  You must work out what letter each number must be.





Here's one more to get you going...

14= R

15 = P

The cryptogram reads:

To decode my message

The secret phrase must

Be spoken out loud

Third Team Miners Hate

= 13-8

= 5

Move around the grid using the compass as your guide, but only travel one square at a time.

The answer is 6. Starting in the grid you must follow the directions on the compass by moving one square at a time. The symbol you finish on is 6.

Each word must face another word. A good starting point is to place the central 4 pieces in a square. They are they pieces with a word on each side.

Each combination is a well know pairing, so if one pairing you have feels tenuous or random then it is wrong.

Once laid correctly the letters in the centre spell out ‘Ten subtract three’ = 7


Join the dots...or the shapes rather...

Each shape spells out a symbol/number. 5+2-1 = 6

Place Prince Berwyn first

Then place Duke Arthur

You must follow the brown lead to the correct animal. The lead doesn’t ever turn off at sharp angles, just follow it straight to the animal.

The answer is number 1.

If viewed in a special way the writing will appear the right way around

The answer can be found in an object most us look at every day

If you look at the lollypop stick in a mirror it reads ‘Four plus seven minus three’, which equals 8.

Try and find the card that has no other card below it. There’s only one!

The answer is card 3

Remember to include both the cats!

Don’t forget to include the sneaky penguin that is easily missed!

The answer is 12.

  • Lioness (the outline of the whole puzzle)
  • Elephant
  • Camel
  • Bird
  • Buffalo
  • Big wolf
  • Small wolf
  • Cat
  • Hedgehog
  • Penguin
  • Mongoose
  • Mouse




You must use the key to fix the position of the cypher

Once in the correct position, you can decode the capitalised letters to the lower case ones

If you line up the capital D to the lower case g, then decode the letters, it spells out ONE PLUS FOUR = 5

The lines are your first clue. Make sure you use them.

Together we are greater than the sum of our parts. Bring us together.

If you fold the sheet in on itself using the lines, it spells out the word SEVEN.

The answer is number 6.

Send an email to and include your ID code and a description of the problem and help will be on its way.