What if I want to send out multiple Enigmagrams, for invites etc?

To send out multiple, just order the total number you want, then send an email to hello@theenigmagram.com and include the different names and addresses of the recipients.  It doesn’t matter what recpient name and shipping address you use when ordering, as we’ll update it with the information from your email.  If you want to send a different message to different recipients, please include these messages in the email.

If you want to have a paid for delivery option for each Enigmagram (e.g. Signed On Delivery), then you’ll have to pay the additonal postage costs for each one by transfering the money to account number: 29524684, sort code: 09-01-29.

An automatic disount of 24% is applied if you order between 4-8 and 46% if you order 8+.

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What is your cancellation & returns policy?

  • You can cancel and get a full refund as long as we haven’t sent the Enigmagram out already.
  • If the Enigmagram arrives damaged, let us know and we’ll send out a new one on request.
  • If the Enigmagram arrives with components missing, let us know and you can choose either to have a new one sent out, or a full refund.
  • All requests for a new Enigmagram or refund must be completed within 14 days of receiving it.
  • Please send your enquiry to hello@theenigmagram.com
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What do I do if it doesn’t arrive?

The Royal Mail are very reliable, but if you choose an untracked delivery option there’s always a small chance it could get lost in the post.  If you’ve waited longer than the below times, then it would be worth contacting your local postal sorting office and asking them if they have it.

UK -3 days

Europe – 7 days

Rest of the world – 9 days

If you still can’t locate it then get in contact at hello@theenigmagram.com and we’ll confirm your address and send you another.


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Is there only one version of the Enigmagram?

There’s currently one version with one set of puzzles.  We are going to create a new version in the future.  Then there’ll be the option to choose between the original or new one.

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When trying to upload a file I get an error message.

This can be caused by the following:

  • The file being too large.  Make sure it is not larger than 128MB
  • The image being too wide. Try making it smaller.
  • The image file type.  If uploading a PNG try uploading as a JPEG.
  • Remove any unusual characters from the file name such as apostrophes.

If all else fails just order without uploading the file then send the file to hello@theenigmagram.com.  Include your order details so we can make sure your message is uploaded to the correct order.  The max file size that can be sent over email is 20MB so you may have to use a file sharing program like WeTransfer.


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What are the different shipping options available?

All Enigmagrams are sent from the UK.

Sending to the UK

Option 1 – FREE – First Class post with the Royal Mail.  This is untracked and takes between 1-3 days.  90% arrive the day after it is posted.

Option 2 – £2.26 – First Class Signed for with the Royal Mail.  This too takes 1-3 days.  The difference is it will be signed for by the recipient on arrival.  This is useful if you want confirmation of delivery.

Sending to Europe

Option 1 – £3.45 – Standard untracked delivery with Royal Mail.  This takes around 3-5 days to deliver.  It doesn’t include any tracking.

Option 2 – £8.65 – Tracked and Signed with Royal Mail.  This too takes around 3-5 days.  It includes full tracking and a signed confirmation of delivery.

Sending to the rest of the world

Option 1 – £3.45 Standard untracked delivery with Royal Mail.  This takes around 5-7 days to deliver.  It doesn’t include any tracking.

Option 2 – £8.65 – Tracked and Signed with Royal Mail.  This too takes around 5-7 days.  It includes full tracking and a signed confirmation of delivery.

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How hard is the Enigmagram to solve?

The puzzles range in difficulty, but most people will be able to solve a fair few on their own. If they need help clues are available, and if they get really stuck they can access the answers.

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What age is the Enigmagram suitable for?

The difficulty level of the puzzles is designed for 15+ (however I’m sure there are lots of younger bright sparks that could solve them).

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How long will it take to solve?

About 1-2 hours, but you can do it quicker if you ask your friends and family for help.

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What if the person I send the Enigmagram to can’t solve it?

They’ll have access to up to two clues for each puzzle. If they still can’t solve it they can access the answers, so they’ll always be able to see your message.

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What are some ideas for the message I can send in an Enigmagram?

• Mother’s day
• Father’s day
• Happy Birthday
• Merry Christmas
• Invitations (Party, Wedding)
• Valentine’s Day
• Message to a loved one
• You could hide a gift and send someone the location or a clue to find it
• You could incorporate the Enigamgram into a wider treasure hunt
• Make a video message for a friend
• For a special announcement (Engagement, New baby)
• Get back in contact with an old friend

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What type of message can I send?

A video, image or sound recording.

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How long does it take to arrive?

All orders will be put in the post by the end of the next day.   Below are the estimated delivery times from the Royal Mail.  These can be longer, especially if being sent abroad.
UK – 1 to 3 days. 90% arrive the day after it’s posted.
EU – 3-5 days.
Rest of the World – 5-7 days.

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How large can the file I upload be?

128MB. If you want to send something bigger, you’ll have to upload it to a site like Youtube or Vimeo and paste the link in the order form.  If uploading an image please try and keep it below 1000 x 1000 pixles.

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What currencies do you accept?

The cost will be displayed in local currency (for many countries but not all), but the final payment will be taken in GBP.

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Does the Enigmagram need to be signed for when it’s delivered?

Nope. The Enigmagram is designed to fit through the mailbox.

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Will any information about the price of the Enigmagram be sent with my order?

With orders sent to the UK and EU, no receipt or information about the price of the Enigmagram is included. International orders, however, do have the price printed on the delivery label which is necessary for customs.

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