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I want to send an Enigmagram

I’ve received an Enigmagram


Paper Edition FAQs


You can access your VAT receipts by logging into your Enigmagram account, clicking ‘Manage Orders’ then ‘Payment History’.

All Enigmagrams are sent from the UK and are posted by the next working day.

We offer free 1st class delivery from the Royal Mail to the UK.  It normally takes 1-3 working days to arrive from when it’s posted, but with the Royal Mail strikes we are seeing delays across all postage options.

We also offer Royal Mail Tracked (£4.02). They aim to deliver the next working day after it’s posted. No signature on delivery required. If you’d like to know where the item is then email us at and we’ll send you the tracking information.

There’s also Royal Mail Priority (£6.75).  This arrives normally the next working day after it’s posted. Signature is required on delivery. If no one is home they will leave a card and it will have to be collected from a Royal Mail Service Point.  If you would like to know where the item is then email us at and we’ll send you the tracking information.

If you’re sending it abroad there’s the options of untracked delivery by the Royal Mail (£3.80) or Tracked (£9.35).  The tracked option doesn’t need to be signed for on delivery.  Estimated timeframes for arrival are:

USA: 5-10 days

Canada: 6-15 days

Australia: 6-15 days

Europe: 5-20 days

Rest of world: 7-21 days


The Message

We don’t accept malicious or threatening messages or ones that contain full frontal nudity.

Login to your account here Then click ‘edit’ on your order. You can change it at anytime as long as they haven’t started the game yet.

The bulk order discounts are as follows: 4-8 = 20% 8-100 = 30%. These discounts are applied automatically to your order as you checkout. Please make sure you add all the orders to the basket before you checkout, as the discount won’t be applied if you, for example, buy two and checkout, then come back tomorrow and buy another two. You must buy them together. If you want to order a large amount then get in contact at and we’ll discuss your order.

We delete the message one month after it’s been viewed or 18 months after it’s been sent. Whichever is first.

We’ll send you an email letting you know when they’ve 1) received the invite 2) started the game 3) completed it and see your message. You can also see these updates when you login to our site and view your order.

Send a message to and we’ll let you know.

As an evening’s entertainment with friends and family
Mother’s day
Father’s day
Happy Birthday
Merry Christmas
Invitations (Party, Wedding)
Valentine’s Day
Message to a loved one
You could hide a gift and send someone the location or a clue to find it
You could incorporate the Enigamgram into a wider treasure hunt
Make a video message for a friend
For a special announcement (Engagement, New baby)
Get back in contact with an old friend

The max file size is 128MB. If you want to send something bigger, you’ll have to upload it to a site like YouTube or Vimeo and paste the link in the order form. You can upload multiple videos and pictures up to a maximum of 10. For images we accept: jpg, jpeg, png and gif. For video: mp4 and mov.

The Enigmagram can be sent for anything e.g. birthday, Valentines, Christmas, Father’s Day, and the message can be anything too. It can be written text, or a picture or video. You could hide another gift somewhere in the house and use the message you tell them where it is.

Only if you tell them in your message! We don’t include anywhere that it’s from you. If you don’t say who it’s from in your message and they email us to find out we’ll tell them.

The Puzzles

You can do this, but be aware, for the Original Edition, the envelope plays a part in the puzzle, so be sure to keep the brown envelope together with the letter and puzzle pack. If you have a yellow or white envelope with shipping labels on, that can be discarded.

The puzzles don’t change but we do have four version to choose from, the Original, 2nd and 3rd Editions and the Junior Edition. All have different sets of puzzles.

All editions are stand alone products, so you don’t have to do the Original first. The Original is a bit easier than the 2nd and 3rd Edition, so it can be a good entry level Enigmagram.

The puzzles range in difficulty and type.  Some are designed to be easier and some harder.  They test different skills, eg visual, lateral thinking, numerical, word-based, spatial, so if they are not good at one type puzzle, they may be good at another type.  If they need help clues are available, and if they get really stuck they can access the answers.

Yes! The bulk order discounts are as follows:

4-8 = 20%

8-100 = 30%

100-1000 = 40%

1000+ = 50%

These discounts are applied automatically to your order as you checkout. Please make sure you add all the orders to the basket before you checkout, as the discount won’t be applied if you, for example, buy two and checkout, then come back tomorrow and buy another two. You must buy them together.

If you want to order a large amount and it would be impracticle to buy through the website, then get in contact at and we’ll discuss your order and process it manually for you.

If you’re ordering more than 8 and want them all sent to the same address in a box (for example to hand out at an event), then let us know and we’ll refund you an extra £1 per Enigmagram to cover the postage costs saved.

The Letter

The letter is printed on A5 paper and is font size 11. On request we can increase this font size to 16. Just send us an email when you’ve ordered to let us know.

The Puzzles

The puzzles range in size from about the size of a business card up to A6. The writing goes as small as approximately size 10, however there are pictures of each puzzle on the clues page ( Here they will be able to see larger versions of the puzzles on screen. Unfortunately we don’t have a separate version of large-print puzzles.

There are a couple of puzzles in both editions that require good eyesight. In the Original, two puzzles require you to find hidden numbers that are not obvious to see. In the 2nd Edition there is a detailed map and Auto-stereogram (the 3D image that appears when you stare at it) to be solved, which again requires good eyesight. These are only two of the eleven puzzles, so there are still many others they can solve. If you want to double check what the puzzles look like please visit the clues page to look at pictures of them The puzzle pack is C6 in size so the majority of the puzzles are no bigger than C6.

The Junior Edition is designed for ages 8-11. The Adult Editions are designed for ages 14+

They’ll have access to up to two clues for each puzzle. If they still can’t solve it they can access the answers, so they’ll always be able to see your message.


  • You can cancel and get a full refund as long as we haven’t started processing your order.  Just login, find your order and click ‘cancel and refund’. We print and post all outstanding orders at 8:30am every working day, so if you want to cancel please do it as soon as possible.
  • If the Enigmagram arrives damaged, let us know and we’ll send out a new one on request.
  • All requests for a new Enigmagram or refund must be completed within 14 days of receiving it.
  • Please send your enquiry to

First you need to make sure you’re inputting it in the correct page, which is An alternative link to this page is:

If you enter the ID code and passcode and click enter but nothing happens, please turn off the wifi and use 3G to access the site, as sometimes local firewall settings can stop is from working correctly.

If you still can’t get in then message us at Please tell us the exact problem you are having.


Please try using a different browser or device. For example try using a laptop if you’re using a phone. Or Safari if you are using Chrome. Also, please try using 3G insted of wifi, as sometimes the local firewall can stop the site from working.

Try this alternative link for the clues page:

Try this one for the message page:

One of the most common things causing this is the address not being inputted correctly. You have to type in the postcode then select an address from the dropdown menu. It won’t let you click ‘next’ until an address has been selected from the dropdown. If you can’t find the address you need, just click any address in the country you are sending to, then edit it to the address you need.
Also, please check the screen for any error messages as they will instruct you what you need to change to progress with the order. If you are still having difficulty it would be worth trying from a different device, such as a laptop if you were trying from a phone.

Send a message to and we’ll let you know.

Check your spam folder as it does sometimes go there.  There should be a confirmation email after you’ve ordered, one after we’ve dispatched it and one after the recipient has logged in and seen your message.  If you haven’t recieved one of them you can check the status of your order by logging into your ‘Manage Orders’ page.

If your delivery hasn’t arrived the first thing to do is check the address. If there is a mistake email and we’ll update it and post it again.  Deliveries to the UK usually take 1-3 days but can sometimes take longer, even around a week.  For all tracked and special delivery postage options, we can check the tracking information and give you an update whether it’s been delivered. Just email and we will investigate.


If you upload a video as your message, first you need to allow it time to upload and display in the preview. This can take a few minutes. After it’s uploaded and is available for you to play, if you see an error message or it isn’t playing, we recommend removing it and uploading it again. If it still doesn’t work then get in contact at

If you add a YouTube video link, you need to make sure it’s not set to private, or the person watching video won’t be able to view it (unless they are logged into your YouTube account).

If you can’t upload your photo,  we suggest ordering without the photo, then after it’s ordered click ‘Edit’ in the ‘Manage Orders’ page and add it there. If it still won’t let you upload it then send the photo to with your ID code and we’ll upload it for you.

We’re very sorry if one of them is missing. You can see pictures of all the puzzles on the clues page ( so it won’t stop you from completing the Enigmagram and getting your message.

You can find the clues and answers at:

If that link isn’t working for you then try:

You enter the identification code & passcode at

If that link isn’t working for you, use this link instead: