If you need to speak to us about anything please send an email to hello@theenigmagram.com. Before you email us please do check to see if the answer is in the FAQ’s below.

Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update
We’re currently able to remain open during Covid-19 as we can run the business from home.  No one working at the Enigmagram is showing symptoms and the advice from the Royal Mail is Covid-19 can’t live long on paper so we feel it’s safe to continue.  This BBC article says it can live up to 24hrs on cardboard, which is the closest thing to paper I’ve found. (https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20200317-covid-19-how-long-does-the-coronavirus-last-on-surfaces).  Also the World Health Organisation say the chance of Covid-19 being transmitted on packages is low (https://www.who.int/news-room/q-a-detail/q-a-coronaviruses) We’re following the government’s rules of leaving the house only for critical reasons, and making sure we’re washing our hands thoroughly before preparing the Enigmagrams.  Some deliveries may take longer than the normal as Royal Mail have staff shortages due to sickness levels.  Normally the Free 1st class Royal Mail service to the UK arrives 1-4 days after order date (excluding weekends and bank holidays), but there is a chance it could take longer now. Thank you for your continued support through this difficult time and we hope you all stay safe and healthy. Best regards, Tom & Louise

How does it work?

Summary of how it works and what they get

When purchasing an Enigmagram you’ll be asked to create the message the recipient will see after it’s solved.  You can upload a picture or video, add a YouTube link, and add written text.  We’ll then send an envelope to the recipient.  The envelope contains a letter that tells them someone they know has a message for them, but for it to be revealed they’ll first have to solve the puzzles within.  Inside the envelope is also a pack of 11 puzzles.  The answer to each puzzle is a number and together they make up a  passcode.  The recipient can use this passcode to login to an online location where they’ll see your uploaded message.

If you want to hide a present in the house for them to find, then you can use the message page to give them a hint where to find it.  For example your message could say ‘Look under the stairs’, or be a picture of the hiding place.  The Enigmagram ends with your uploaded message, but you can always continue the fun by using your message to tell them where a present is hiden or for it to be another clue to the next step (but it’s in your hands from then on!).


Are there restrictions on what message I can send?

We don’t accept malicious or threatening messages or ones that contain full frontal nudity.  If your message doesn’t pass this criteria we’ll ask you to send us another one.

Can I upload more than one video?

You can only upload one video, but if you have more than one you can combine them into one using this free online tool:



Can the message be seen multiple times and how long does it stay there?

Yes it can be seen multiple times and we delete them after 3 months.

Does my YouTube video need any particular settings?

Make sure your YouTube video isn’t set to private (unless you will be with them), or else they will need a password to view it.

Also please allow for the video to be embedded on other websites, otherwise they will have to click through to YouTube to view it.

How large can the file I upload be?

128MB. If you want to send something bigger, you’ll have to upload it to a site like Youtube or Vimeo and paste the link in the order form.

I want to add a link but it’s not for YouTube

All links that aren’t YouTube should be included in the ‘written message’ field.  Only YouTube video links should be put in the YouTube link field and they will be dispayed as embedded videos.  Links in the written message field will be displayed as text.

Is a laptop needed to see the message?

No, the recipient only needs access to the internet.  It’s a website where they’ll see their message so a phone with internet is enough.

Is the written message part shown before or after they solve the puzzles?

The written message and the uploaded message are both shown after they solve the puzzles.  They will not see any message from you in the letter or before they solve all the puzzles and log into the secret online location.

What file type can I upload?

For images we accept: jpg, jpeg, png and gif.  For video: mp4 and mov.  For sounds recordings: wav.  Those are the only file types that can be uploaded.  If you have a pdf you can convert it to jpeg using a free online converter tool such as www.pdftoimage.com.

Where can I find the clues and answers?

You can find the clues and answers at:


If that link isn’t working for you then try:



Where do I enter the passcode to see the message?

You enter the identification code & passcode at www.a-secret-location.com

If that link isn’t working for you, use this link instead www.theenigmagram.com/enter

Will anyone working at the Enigmagram see my message?

Yes we do.  We check all messages to make sure they are working and appropriate.

Will they know who sent it?

Only if you tell them in your message!  We don’t include anywhere that it’s from you.  If you don’t say who it’s from in your message and they email us to find out we’ll tell them.


Can I take it out of the envelope and hand it to the recipient?

No you shouldn’t do this.  The envelope plays an important part in the overall experience so removing the puzzles from it would detract from it.

Do the puzzles change?

The puzzles don’t change but we are going to bring out new versions  in the future.  Then you’ll be able to pick between the origional to send or any new ones.  Currently we have out just the one version.

How hard is the Enigmagram to solve?

The puzzles range in difficulty and type.  The first 5 are designed to be easier, and the last 6 harder.  They test different skills, eg visual, lateral thinking, numerical, word-based, spatial, so if they are not good at one type puzzle, they may be good at another type.  If they need help clues are available, and if they get really stuck they can access the answers.

How is the recipient addressed in the envelope and letter?

The Envelope

We use ‘The name you’d like on the envelope’ field (which you filled in during checkout) on the envelope. For example:

John Smith
123 Example Road
AB12 3CD

The Letter

We use the ‘recipient first name’ on the letter, which you filled out when creating your message.  If you put ‘John’ down as the first name and ‘Smith’ for the second name, the letter will then start as below.

someone you know has a message for you…

If you are sending to more than one person or to a family you can put their names in the ‘Recipient first name’ as ‘John and Mary’, or ‘The Smiths’.  Only the ‘recipient’s first name’ field is used in the letter, so technically you can put anything down for the second name as we don’t use it.

How long does it take to solve?

20min – 2hrs on average.

Is there only one version of the Enigmagram?

There’s currently one version with one set of puzzles.  We are going to create a new version in the future.  Then there’ll be the option to choose between the original or new one.

What age is it suitable for?

It’s designed for the average adult, so about 15+.  It’s quite a challenge, so if you give it to a young teenager they will likely need help.

What are some ideas I can use it for?

Mother’s day
Father’s day
Happy Birthday
Merry Christmas
Invitations (Party, Wedding)
Valentine’s Day
Message to a loved one
You could hide a gift and send someone the location or a clue to find it
You could incorporate the Enigamgram into a wider treasure hunt
Make a video message for a friend
For a special announcement (Engagement, New baby)
Get back in contact with an old friend

What if the recipient can’t solve it?

They’ll have access to up to two clues for each puzzle. If they still can’t solve it they can access the answers, so they’ll always be able to see your message.

Returns & Cancellations

Cancellation & returns policy
  • You can cancel and get a full refund as long as we haven’t sent the Enigmagram out already.
  • If the Enigmagram arrives damaged, let us know and we’ll send out a new one on request.
  • If the Enigmagram arrives with components missing, let us know and you can choose either to have a new one sent out, or a full refund.
  • All requests for a new Enigmagram or refund must be completed within 14 days of receiving it.
  • Please send your enquiry to hello@theenigmagram.com


Can it be arranged so the Enigmagram is delivered on a certain date?

As we use Royal Mail we can’t pinpoint the exact date it’ll arrive.  We post it the day after it’s ordered, it then takes 1-3 days, exclusing Sundays and bank holidays (for our free postage to the UK option).  If you choose Priority delivery it will arrive 2 days after the order date, exlcluding Sundays and bank holidays.  If you need it for a particular date, we recommend you use the option to add a sticker saying ‘Don’t open until [date]’.

Does the Enigmagram need to be signed for when delivered?

No, it’s designed to fit through the mailbox.  If you choose the ‘Next Day Guaranteed’ delivery option when sending to the UK it will have to be signed for upon delivery.

What different shipping options are available?

All Enigmagrams are sent from the UK

We offer free 1st class delivery from the Royal Mail to the UK. We post the Enigmagram the latest the day after it’s ordered.  It normally takes 2-4 days to arrive to you from the day you order it (excluding weekends and bank holidays).  Due to Covid-19 there may be some delays to your delivery.

We also offer Royal Mail Tracked (£4.02). They aim to deliver in two days after order (excluding weekends and bank holidays), but it could take longer. No signature on delivery required. As it’s tracked you can find out the location of the delivery. If you want the tracking number please send an email to hello@theenigmagram.com and we’ll give it to you.

There’s also Royal Mail Guaranteed (£6.60).  This arrives 2 days after order date, excluding weekends and bank holidays. Signature is required on delivery. If no one is home they will leave a card and it will have to be collected from a Royal Mail Service Point.  There should be no delays to this service due to Covid-19.

If you’re sending it abroad there’s the options of untracked delivery by the Royal Mail  (£3.45) or Tracked (£8.65).  If you’re sending to Europe it’ll take approximately 3-5 days to arrive. If to the rest of the world, 5-10 days.  These are the normal delivery times but because of Covid-19 it’s likely to take longer due to delays.  The tracked option doesn’t need to be signed for on delivery. If you want to know the location of it, send an email to hello@theenigmagram.com and we’ll give you the tracking details.

Will any information about the price be sent with the order?

With orders sent to the UK and EU, no receipt or information about the price of the Enigmagram is included. International orders, however, do have the price printed on the delivery label which is necessary for customs.

Something's gone wrong

I can’t access my message

First you need to make sure you’re inputting it in the correct page, which is www.a-secret-location.com

Next you need to make sure your answers are correct.  If you see the error message ‘operation failed’ when typing in the passcode, that means the passcode is wrong.  You can check you answers on the page www.go-here-if-you-need-a-clue.com

If you’re still getting an error message and you’re sure the answers are correct, then check you’re putting them in their correct field.  The idenification code goes in the field at the top.  The passcode goes in the file at the bottom.  Make sure you haven’t got them the wrong way round.  If you still can’t get in then message us at hello@theenigmagram.com.  Please tell us the exact error message you are getting.


I can’t access the clues or message page. The links won’t work.

Please try clearing your browser cache, closing your browser then re-opening it and trying again. If that doesn’t work then try the links below.

Try this alternative link for the clues page:


Try this one for the message page:


I click ‘ADD TO BASKET’ but nothing happens

If this is happening please try ordering with a different device.  For example a phone if you’ve been trying with a laptop and vice versa.  If that doesn’t work then try ordering without the video or image file, then sending the file to hello@theeigmagram.com with your order number, and we will upload it manually to your message.  If the file is over 20mb you’ll need to send it using WeTransfer (www.wetransfer.com).

I don’t know who sent me mine. Will you tell me?

Yes.  Send a message to hello@theenigmagram.com and we’ll let you know.

I get an error message when trying to upload my video/picture

This can be caused by the following:

  • The file being too large.  Make sure it is not larger than 128MB.  Errors are more likely to happen with large video files, so if you can make your video smaller, you’ll have a better chance of it uploading successfully.
  • Remove any unusual characters from the file name such as apostrophes.

If all else fails just order without uploading the file then send the file to hello@theenigmagram.com.  Include your order details so we can make sure your message is uploaded to the correct order.  The max file size that can be sent over email is 20MB so you may have to use a file sharing program like WeTransfer

I haven’t received my confirmation email

Do check your spam folder as it does sometimes go there.  There should be one confirmation email after you’ve ordered and one after we’ve dispatched it.  If you haven’t received either and want confirmation then send an email to hello@theenigmagram.com and we’ll confirm your order.

I need to edit my order. What do I do?

If your order is still in the cart then you can delete it, go to the shop page and order again.  If you’ve already ordered please send an email to hello@theenigmagram.com with the changes required  and we’ll make them for you.  Please include your order number in the email.

I type in the identification code and passcode but it says ‘Operation Failed’

When it says ‘operation failed’ that means the passcode or identification is incorrect.  You should check the clues page to make sure you have the correct passcode.  www.theenigmagram.com/clues.  If you are 100% sure the passcode is correct, then make sure you are putting the right passcode in the right section.  The code that looks like this: 7YHD38J4 is the identification code and should be put in the identification code field.  Ths passcode is the answers to the puzzles and should go in the passcode field.  Make sure you’re not inputting them the wrong way round!  If you’re still having trouble let us know at hello@theenigmagram.com.

It hasn’t arrived but should have by now

The Royal Mail are very reliable, but if you choose an untracked delivery option there’s always a small chance it could get lost in the post. Also with Covid some areas of the country are understaffed by Royal Mail, so allow for a bit more time due to these delays.

If you’ve waited longer than the below amound of time, the first thing to do is check with family members and house mates, as we have had times when it’s arrived but been picked up and put somewhere by someone else. If you still can’t locate it then get in contact at hello@theenigmagram.com and we’ll confirm your address and send you another.

UK – 7 days from order excluding Sundays and bank holidays.

Europe – 12 days from order excluding Sundays and bank holidays.

Rest of the world – 15 days from order excluding Sundays and bank holidays.


One of the puzzles is missing

We’re very sorry is one of them is missing. You can see pictures of all the puzzles on the clues page (www.theenigmagram.com/clues) so it won’t stop you from completing the Enigmagram and getting your message.

Where can I find the clues and answers?

You can find the clues and answers at:


If that link isn’t working for you then try:



Where do I enter the passcode to see the message?

You enter the identification code & passcode at www.a-secret-location.com

If that link isn’t working for you, use this link instead www.theenigmagram.com/enter