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Christmas Press Release
The most devious Christmas present EVER, solve the mystery to find your presents.
The lucky victim receives an envelope containing an anonymous letter and 11 beautifully designed, tantalising puzzles, which must be solved to unlock the sender’s message from an online location.
It is the perfect secret Santa gift … as it can stay a secret if you want. It’s great for geeks, escape room lovers and puzzle enthusiasts who love to solve a good mystery. It’s also great for giving them to older children (who no longer believe in Santa anymore of course) and creating a Christmas day treasure hunt at home. The Enigmagram is most popular with women aged 25-45, buying for men and is a versatile gift which can fall in to many Christmas gift guides categories:
  • Secret Santa: challenge your secret Santa this year and give them an immersive mystery they won’t expect. You don’t even have to tell them who it’s from.
  • Christmas treasure hunt: young or old, excite your loved ones by hiding the Christmas presents around the house
  • Escape room lovers: the perfect gift for escape room lovers
  • Romantic gestures: leave a cryptic message telling your partner to meet them in romantic location where a surprise is waiting, or simply where their gift is hidden.
  • Geeks and nerds: challenge the geek in your life by sending them the Enigmagram.
  • Your parents/ in laws: don’t send them a boring card, send them a video you made of your children/ dogs/ cats/ whatever you may have wishing them a merry Christmas.
  • What is the Enigmagram?
    You receive an envelope through the front door. Inside is a letter saying someone you know has a message for you, but for it to be revealed you’ll first have to solve the puzzles contained within. You’ll first have to solve…The Enigmagram! Whether you want to say happy birthday, declare your love or anything else you can think of, the Enigmagram is a fun and unique way of doing it they won’t forget.

    Click play on the video below to see how it works.
    Brand Story
    Have you ever wanted to find yourself at the centre of a compelling mystery that puts your wits to the test? Well, Thomas Kee did. He though he couldn’t be the only one. He created the Enigmagram so anyone could experience the excitement of finding themselves in an unexpected, out of the ordinary situation that would test their intellect.

    Growing up on a steady diet of chess, dungeons and dragons and strategy games, Tom has always been a puzzle loving geek at heart, even winning the award in 6th form for ‘Coolest Geek’.

    In April 2019 he quit his job working in Digital Marketing for an energy company to follow his dream of travelling the world and focussing on the Enigmagram full time. He is currently in Thailand with his girlfriend Louise, living as a digital nomads, together managing the business from their laptops.
    Name: Thomas Kee
    DOB: 10/11/86
    Nationality: British
    From: Weybridge, Surrey
    Previous job: Digital Marketing in Energy industry

    Name: Louise Abband
    DOB: 25/06/86
    Nationality: British
    From: Oxford
    Previous job: Marketing Manager in Automotive industry
    How The Enigmagram Works
    • When someone buys an Enigmagram they upload a message, which can be a video, image, text or audio. They also write down the name and address of who they want to send it to
    • The recipient will receive a letter telling them someone they know has a message for them. Inside they’ll find a series of puzzles that when solved reveal a password.
    • If they get stuck they can access clues and the answers.
    • With the password they’ll be able to access the message from a secret online location.
    • It takes 1 – 2 hours on average to solve.
    • The price is £11.99 and we ship to everywhere in the world.

    Absorbing Fun!

    5.0 rating
    December 6, 2019

    What a brilliant surprise to land on my doormat! I was intrigued from the start and couldn’t wait to get started. The clues range from relatively straightforward to frustratingly hard, but there is the facility to access some tips so you don’t feel that you have to give up! I would thoroughly recommend this for anyone who enjoys escape rooms, crosswords and puzzle-solving generally. Such a good idea.


    Great, old fashioned FUN

    5.0 rating
    August 20, 2019

    This concept is not only a first-in-class but also a best-in-class. The thoughtful clues are neatly and professionally packaged in a way that not only tests your intellect, but also makes you feel good whilst doing so. Hats off to the brains behind this one.

    Charles Gary

    Puzzles pitched perfectly

    5.0 rating
    July 22, 2019

    Enormous fun. Puzzles pitched perfectly requiring considerable thought but not to the point of frustration.

    Laura and Jim