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I want to send an Enigmagram

I’ve received an Enigmagram


The Enigmagram

2nd Edition

£14.99 + Free UK delivery

Difficulty: 4/5

Time: 1-3hr

Includes tactile delights such as a scratch card and origami.  They’ll also find a magic eye and a maze, so recommended for those that enjoy visual based puzzles.

Great present

Rated 5.0 out of 5

I bought this as a Birthday gift for a friend who I know enjoys puzzles. She said she really enjoyed it and that the message was a nice surprise. I’ve just completed an order for the junior puzzle so will report back in due course. I love the idea of this and will place orders in the future as the ordering process is easy and it’s an ideal gift for friends who live far away- and near too! Great service and I’m very happy. Thank you.

Angie Coles
Rated 4.9 out of 5
4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 404 reviews)
Very good5%
What You'll Get

A unique and fun gift that’ll challenge their wits. Plus a personalised message from you at the end

Or send it to yourself for an evening’s entertainment with friends

Puzzles that are just the right level of difficulty. Clues and answers available if needed

Add writing, videos or pictures to your message, and you can edit it any time, even after we’ve posted your order

We’ve four other editions too

Pen Mark - long


Time: 1-2hr

£14.99 + FREE UK Delivery

Difficulty: 3/5

Time: 30m-2hr

£14.99 + FREE UK Delivery

Difficulty: 4/5

Time: 1-3hr

£13.99 + FREE UK Delivery

Difficulty: 2/5

Time: 30m-1hr