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The Enigmagram

3rd Edition

£13.99 + Free UK delivery

Difficulty: 4/5

Time: 1-3hr

Contains all sorts of nostalgic oddities such as battleships, a paper aeroplane and a box of fake matches.  A good choice for those that enjoy logical reasoning.

Amazing product. It gave my wife some much need distraction from the chronic pain she suffers from.

Rated 5 out of 5

This product popped up on my fb page, as ads do, and at the time my wife was having a bad day. So knowing how she tries to distract herself from the pain, I wasted no time in purchasing this. And an I glad I did. I didn’t tell her, the mystery was it’s own reward, and I knew getting it was the right call, straight away as she was so happy exploring the lovingly put together set. The puzzles where creative, unique, well thought out and well made. Each puzzle brought more excitement, each found solution more reward.. And she never mentioned her pain once to me during the whole time she was fixated on the pack. As anyone who lives with someone with chronic pain can testify, giving her this wonderful distraction was as much of a reward for me as ot was for her. Thank you. X

James and Carrie-Ann

Overall Rating

Rated 4.9 out of 5
4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 386 reviews)
Very good4%
What You'll Get

A unique and fun gift that’ll challenge their wits. Plus a personalised message from you at the end

Or send it to yourself for an evening’s entertainment with friends

Puzzles that are just the right level of difficulty. Clues and answers available if needed

Add writing, videos or pictures to your message, and you can edit it any time, even after we’ve posted your order

We’ve three other editions too

Pen Mark - long

£13.99 + FREE UK Delivery

Difficulty: 3/5

Time: 30m-2hr

£13.99 + FREE UK Delivery

Difficulty: 4/5

Time: 1-3hr

£12.99 + FREE UK Delivery

Difficulty: 2/5

Time: 30m-1hr