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I want to send an Enigmagram

I’ve received an Enigmagram


The Enigmagram

Junior Edition 

£13.99 + Free UK delivery

Difficulty: 2/5

Time: 30m-1hr

Create a mini-adventure for a child as they fold, twist and inflate their way towards cracking the code and revealing your secret message.

They’ll play through eight puzzles designed especially for children aged 8-12.  What better way to get them off the computer and developing their problem solving skills. 

Fab addition to a main birthday present

Ordered this so that we could make a main present gift more physical with it being a years merlin pass.

My 17 year old son cracked it in 4 hours.

Louise turner-talmage
4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 411 reviews)
Very good5%
What You'll Get

A unique and fun gift that’ll get them thinking. Plus a personalised message from you at the end

Puzzles that are just the right level of difficulty. Clues and answers available if needed

Add writing, videos or pictures to your message, and you can edit it any time, even after we’ve posted your order

We’ve four other editions too

Pen Mark - long


Time: 1-2hr

£14.99 + FREE UK Delivery

Difficulty: 3/5

Time: 30m-2hr

£14.99 + FREE UK Delivery

Difficulty: 4/5

Time: 1-3hr

£14.99 + FREE UK Delivery

Difficulty: 3/5

Time: 1-3hr