Absolutely Brilliant

5.0 rating
December 26, 2019

Great idea executed brilliantly. The puzzles were at the right level making it engaging but not impossible. Can’t wait to buy this for others too and I hope they bring out more in the future.



5.0 rating
December 25, 2019

This is the best way to recieve a gift. I loved every moment decoding the puzzles and now I get share the rest of the experience with a loved one. Can’t wait for the murder mystery dinner next month. Thank you



5.0 rating
December 25, 2019

Amazing present for Christmas, puzzles are just the level, not too hard you give up but hard enough to challenge you. Really really enjoyed it.

Lucy khanna

best birthday card ever

5.0 rating
December 23, 2019

Kept the family going for over an hour. Had no idea what it was when I received but it looked really interesting and opening it was a great surprise. Puzzles were challenging and the clues are a nice touch.


This is awesome

5.0 rating
December 20, 2019

I didn’t expect anything like this but I found it so much fun. A couple of hours killed solving puzzles and codes to reveal a message. I would recommend this as a gift reveal for anyone interested in puzzles.

Hannah Grimmett