5.0 rating
February 14, 2019

Nice different Valentine’s Day present, really enjoyed doing it and challenged me a lot too. Really good to do and would prefer a harder one next time.

James Bennett

Absolutely wonderful

5.0 rating
February 14, 2019

A deeply engaging and interesting challenge, nice variety to the puzzles. Highly recommended, probably will use this on someone else in the future, maybe even do invites with it.

Michael Arnold

Great fun.

5.0 rating
February 14, 2019

Puzzles were good fun. Some had me scratching my head for awhile. Did make silly mistake on my part that took while to spot. But that’s part of the fun.

Richard Warne

A brilliant surprise

5.0 rating
January 8, 2019

I remember when this first came through my door – I was so intrigued and had no idea who it was from! I got my housemates involved to solve the puzzles and it was just the right level of challenge. Really great product, definitely going to surprise some friends and family with these!

Sophie Williams

So much fun

December 25, 2018

This was so much fun, I cannot believe this was you. I’ve never laughed and questioned my intelligence so much. I will definitely be sending this onto some of my friends. The video at the end was a great finisher.